When Life Gives You Lemons

So we’ve all heard of the expression “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well that statement has never held more truth for me til’ this whirlwind of natural phenomenon’s, we’ve all just experienced; Mercury retrograde, the full harvest moon and the first day of fall!

I’ve learned a lot about my power over the course of the past month or so and I can testify that manifestation is real, y’all! This past month has provided us all with lessons in letting go and figuring out what we really want. Trust me, I know Mercury retrograde can be an unusually frustrating time for everyone but it never leaves us empty handed. I tip my hat to my friends out there whose signs are ruled by Mercury; I’m sure your hell was a tad hotter than mine lol.

In all honesty it feels like I’ve been dealing with all things shitty since I graduated this past March. I’ve been back and forth in between battles with my mental health and self-awareness and it’s been exhausting. I constantly find myself in the same debate with myself at least once a month; the focal point of that debate being, “How many times do I have to go through these breakdowns before I have control over my life?”

Well, it was the perfect time to ask myself this question with the retrograde rearing it’s humbling head and the beginning of fall approaching; and I came to the conclusion that things aren’t always going to get better right away. But most importantly, I had to make the best out of what I had and continue to strive for more regardless of what the outcome might be.

Trying is the first step towards change but I’ve noticed rejection and attachment are emotions that humans fear instinctively. I’ve passed up on opportunities because I didn’t think that I would be qualified. I’ve held onto relationships that were past their expiration date because I didn’t know how to move on. I decided that these were qualities of mine that I didn’t want to fear; so I made the conscious decision to embrace all that is me.

Taking on this mindset brought on a rapid amount of revelations. I realized that I had all of the answers I was looking for and I would find them as soon as I made peace with myself; I needed to make peace with the fact that I was still harnessing ideologies that were stunting my growth, and let them go.

Which led me to the process of manifestation; my disabilities tend to come about quite frequently so sometimes it’s hard to take initiative with no motivation. I need to remind myself why I began this journey towards self-discovery on a daily basis; so I started with repeating mantras/affirmations to myself at the beginning of each day, to help me clear mental space.

“I will no longer fall victim to my mental disabilities.”

“I will conquer any distraction that’s thrown at me.”

“My disabilities are not a burden, they’re fuel for growth.”

With each day, I started seeing little changes by manifesting the notion that I could handle whatever the universe had in store for me regardless of if I was “qualified” or not. I think that’s something we all need to realize; that the universe isn’t working against us but for us. We just have to be open to receiving the blessings that it has in store for us and embrace them. We all know life gets hard sometimes but the most important part of falling down is learning how to let yourself get back up. Keeping in mind that those scars that you carry will heal if you let them.

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One thought on “When Life Gives You Lemons

  1. ahhhhhh a breath of fresh air……im proud of you and happy with you on this AmaZning journey 😀
    I see we have a lot in common. Ao looking forward to meeting you…..👋

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