Bird of Paradise

As all of you know we’re in the second week of spring and finally starting to get a glimpse of hope on the forecast. This long awaited 60º weather has everybody hype, especially me!

Keeping my mind on the soon to be weather inspired me to put together this outfit. Yes, ironically enough I look like I cliff dived into Ace Ventura’s wardrobe; and it’s safe to say that I am unapologetically ROCKING IT.

I initially got quite a good laugh when I looked in the mirror and thought to myself hmm, where have I seen this look before? lol.

My roommate, Carolyn and I naturally roll with concepts leading us to take the streets of North Philadelphia to make them our Ace Ventura set. It was only right to bring out the natural beauty of Philly by turning it into somewhat of a “concrete jungle”; at least until we can get to a real one 😉

We pulled through to create some really wonder photos even though it was 40º and windy. I hope you guys feel exactly how I feel when I look at these, like you’re in paradise.

Peep the bottom of this post for outfit details!




Belt from Ross Stores

Vintage Tropical Shirt from Depop

Vintage High-waisted Trousers from Art in the Age

Privileged Brand Booties from Karmaloop

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