Millennial Pin up

Thanks to my mother, I’ve had women like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page to look up to since I was a little girl. But now I have questions. Where were all of the brown pin ups for me to look up to? With age I realized that this was no fault of my mothers but the fault of Hollywood, surprise surprise. African American pin up models weren’t favorable or considered charming back in the 1950’s.

Beautiful brown women such as Lottie the Body Graves, Ethelyn Butler, Annazette Williams and Toni Elling to name a few, were primarily overlooked. You’d think America would jump at the chance to support black pin ups and dancers they way it loves to sexualize the black female body but that’s non of my business… But I can say one thing, if you haven’t heard of these women, please look them up!!

Pin ups of color are still out there such as; @vintagevandal, @zeliarose, @valentinaazulxo, and @jennyrieu to name a few and they’re killing it; and we should be supporting them!

I was inspired by the countless brown women that have been ignored over decades as well as the brown women still killing the game, so I decided to conduct my own little pin up shoot, because why the fuck not?

I partnered up with local photographers @cathalyse and @graphicfemale, aka my creative right hand to make my “millennial pin up” dreams come to fruition. All in all we got some pretty amazing shots and I’m feeling as confident as ever! You can catch all these beautiful, unfortunately censored photos below! Sorry kiddies! 18+

Drop a line and let me know what you think or contact Playboy directly so they can send me a contract, LOL!


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