What’s good, beautiful people?

What’s good, beautiful people?

You can call me Keiko (KEE-koh) or Keeks for short.

I’m a freelance self-love blogger, content creator and model, currently based in the Philadelphia area.

A while back, I made the conscious decision to no longer hold expectations for my future. Being a millennial has taught me that not everything goes as planned, but the best plan is doing what makes YOU happy, making “going with the flow” a priority.

I began this blog as an outlet for my self-expression and emotional stress; so I tend to blog about whatever heals me at the time. But, since I have a predominantly fashion oriented background I like to incorporate that as much as I can!

So the real question is, what is “Keikoism?”

Keikoism is embracing self-empowerment and inspiring others to do the same. The power behind this concept comes from taking your life into your own hands. Like many, I have struggled with my own battles of finding my self-worth. It has taken me years to realize that I wasn’t the only one suffering from these insecurities and it’s taken me just as long to open up about them.

This long anticipated journey has not only helped me own my raw + unapologetic attitude, but it has helped me discover that I’m the rightful heir to my thrown.

With that being said, I don’t have all the answers to a happy life, and I don’t intend to but I do know that it feels good not being alone. So this is my not so formal invitation to my journey and I hope that you can find yours too.

Lots O’ Love,


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