Post Election Blues

Good morning beautiful people!

I hope y’all are having a better week than last. I took some time within the last week to many things; grieve, reflect, recoup and sit down with like-minded souls to evaluate what it was we needed to do in order to keep us and others sane for the next four years of the Trump presidency; and we came to the conclusion that we will grieve, reflect and recoup through our art. But, along with helping ourselves, we want to use our creativity to heal the community.  Continue reading “Post Election Blues”

Cat Got Your Tongue

Good morning, beautiful people!

So this post is dedicated to the celebration of life, love, and new beginnings. Boy, do I have a bunch to talk about! To start, I decided to switch it up and get new frames, Warby Parker of course. I’m always seen in my Kimball frames by Warby, but you can never get too comfortable, right? I decided on the low-bridge frame, Collis, in Lavender Crystal. I fell head of heels for these frames as soon as I put them on. The frames have a subtle cat-eye and wide fit, which gives my eyes some extra breathing room. For those of you who don’t know, Warby Parker’s optical frames start at $95 INCLUDING the lenses. Yeah, I know… With prices like that, how could you not want to start a new?

I started thinking about this concept of “starting a new” yesterday while playing with my kitten, Nugget. Yes, Nugget lol. We first adopted Nugget in April of this year. My mother (an animal lover & activist) feeds stray cats not too far from my house. It’s practically routine for my mom to get up a little bit earlier to go and feed them before work, but the universe was at work that fateful day in April. Continue reading “Cat Got Your Tongue”

Another Day, Another Heavy Heart

My heart continues to weigh heavy after losing another member of our community to hatred and senseless violence— I find myself waking up to another hashtag not even 24 hours later. I can’t even dry my eyes long enough to articulate the pain I and countless others are feeling right now.How many lives will it take for this BS system to change? How many lives until individuals realize all lives can’t matter until black lives matter? I repeat, how many?

Our people have enough bodies stacked on top of each other due to racial inequality to last more than a lifetime and some wonder why we’re angry? Why we’re choosing to no longer sit silently while those who swore to protect and serve slaughter our people in the streets. After centuries of watching the same scenario being played out again and again, wouldn’t you hurt too? Continue reading “Another Day, Another Heavy Heart”

Concrete Garden

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weather we’ve been having; it’s finally starting to feel like spring. Of course, I had to take advantage of this guud warm weather and get another post in the works for you guys – I’m giving this thing called consistency a try, I’ll let you know how that works out lol.

With that being said, I gave none other than the great Carolyn (@graphicfemale) a call and set up a date to roam the city. There’s nothing like wandering Philadelphia when everything’s in bloom. The energy of the whole city shifts – there truly is a power in witnessing the rebirth of flowers. Carolyn and I made sure we were stopping every couple of blocks to take pictures of all of the blossoming little buds 🙂 Continue reading “Concrete Garden”

The Trap Queen Chronicles: The Plug

Next up in The Trap Queen Chronicles we have “The Plug.”

I drew inspiration for this look from a few places; the timeless Lil’ Kim, Keisha from Hype Williams’ film Belly and K.Rizz’s single “Yes, Bitch.”

Now you may be asking, “Well Keiko, where did the name for this post come from?” All I can say is I’m walking around half naked, in a green faux fur with my cellphone in hand hahaha. Got me out here looking like a walking 90’s music video lol! Can you dig it?

One thing that stuck with me while shooting this look was self-confidence. When dealing with social anxiety, you tend to dwell on the little things people think about you and I’m not here for it! One thing I can honestly say I admire about women like Lil’ Kim is that she does not give one f*ck about how anyone views her. She exudes her sexuality freely and doesn’t forget to stunt while she’s at it! Which is something I definitely wanted to capture while creating this series. Continue reading “The Trap Queen Chronicles: The Plug”