Warmer Days

Spring is in the air people and it’s time to show up and out regardless of if it’s still 30 degrees out, lol. I’m honestly so ready for warm weather that it’s all I can think about so I figured why not put that energy out into the air?

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Dream State of Mind

I had a lucid dream yesterday morning where I had this beautiful happy brown boy with golden curly hair, swinging around in my arms at the beach. We were racing through the sand and I just couldn’t help but laugh as he dragged me to the ocean. I’m talking about that feel good laughter, y’all.

He pulled me all the way to the shore line, let go of my hand and jumped into there nearest ripple of a wave. Everyone around us was smiling and I could feel my heart get warm even though my eyes were closed, it was awesome. There wasn’t a question of who this boy was or why we were at the beach because all of my feelings were genuine when I looked at him. He was the happiest little boy I’ve ever seen and I think he was supposed to be my son lol. Continue reading “Dream State of Mind”