Bird of Paradise

As all of you know we’re in the second week of spring and finally starting to get a glimpse of hope on the forecast. This long awaited 60º weather has everybody hype, especially me!

Keeping my mind on the soon to be weather inspired me to put together this outfit. Yes, ironically enough I look like I cliff dived into Ace Ventura’s wardrobe; and it’s safe to say that I am unapologetically ROCKING IT.

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Warmer Days

Spring is in the air people and it’s time to show up and out regardless of if it’s still 30 degrees out, lol. I’m honestly so ready for warm weather that it’s all I can think about so I figured why not put that energy out into the air?

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Glooms Day

My apologies for being so absent this week; I was on spring break and needed to relax. Today was a typical day in April; partly cloudy with a chance of showers and I was really out here tryna stunt in this shoot even though I was freezing! The wind was blowing my hair every direction so it was hard not to admit defeat and go back inside for warmth. I was just so inspired by the colors of a bush I saw on my neighbor’s lawn; a pretty olive green and mustard yellow, an unlikely pair, but it worked for me! That may sound a little weird but it’s never a bad thing to draw inspiration from the little things that catch your eyes in nature. There is too much beauty to behold on this earth to let it go to waste, including this gloomy day! Continue reading “Glooms Day”

Dream A Little Dream of Me…

I know it’s a little early for me to be talking about weddings, but if anyone were to ask me what I envision to be my dream wedding dress, this is it!


Making a wedding dress is such a beautiful and delicate process and an amazing craft to have. Let me tell you Etsy shop owner Katerina Sushko has nail it right on the head with this dress, along with many others her shop has designed. Continue reading “Dream A Little Dream of Me…”

King Kobra

I was feeling extra funky yesterday in this look! I’ve been listening to To Pimp A Butterfly on repeat and you can guess which song might be my favorite lol.  When the sounds of this album come through my headphones you can catch me walking down the street like I’m Kendrick Lamar himself haha. Lord, I was really feelin’ myself yesterday, my hair was rockin’ and my booty was poppin’ what wasn’t I to be happy about? Continue reading “King Kobra”